Creative Prayer

Take the opportunity to pray

We’d really recommend you make a prayer initiative a part of your January Light activities.

When we give our mission and our work to God, wonderful things happen.

Have a look at some of the ideas below and see if you might try something new this January.

There are lots of creative ideas on the Methodist HQ website.

Prayer Walking

Meeting a friend, or perhaps going alone, this is one of the easiest ways to pray for the people who live around you.

You might choose a different route each week or just take the same path. One week you could just ask God to guide you and see where you go.

Pray for the homes you walk past.

Pray for God’s blessing, hope and light.

You could do a night time prayer walk.

Remember to listen and ask God to speak to you.

Want to learn more? Click here.

Pray through your Christmas cards

Take the cards you’ve received this year and pray for the people who sent them to you.

You could do a small pile each week.

Set up a 24/7 prayer event or room

All the info you need – inc how to do it in a pandemic! Click here

A Prayer Cairn

Create a prayer cairn. A small pile of stones, maybe you could put it in your church grounds or by your church door.

Invite church members to say prayers and add a stones (from their garden or picked up somewhere) to the cairn throughout January.

It could be the last stop on a prayer walk.

Painted Prayer Rocks

Painted rocks hidden around towns have become popular in recent years.

Take a look here

Paint and hide some rocks with simple prayers and messages on.

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