January Chaplains

What’s A January Chaplain?

Appoint a chaplain to your town or village for January as a way to support your community through what can be a difficult month.

Why do this?

Many people outside of church still relate to the idea of a chaplain. It gives them a context to have a conversation and reach out for help.

How do you do it?

The important thing is to let your community know and then to be available.

You could…

  • Announce you’ll be in the local market square every Wednesday afternoon
  • Sit outside your Church with a thermos and a sign
  • Tell your local paper/radio station and have a way for people to contact you and book a chat/zoom
  • Go live on your Facebook page once a week in January and talk about how to get help if you’re struggling.

Remember to make sure any activities are within your local covid restrictions.

Who should do it?

Your minister or a team of lay people could work together on this.

Think about what you feel you can offer and how best to offer that.

Be clear about the support you’re offering – a group of lay people may feel offering a chat and a prayer with signposting to more specialized support is enough. A trained minister may be able to offer something more.

Talk it through with your local leadership.

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