Light Windows

Windows of light in your town or village

Just like we did with rainbows but this time the theme is light.

Encourage church members to decorate a window in their home, using a few leftover Christmas lights, on the theme.

Have you got any pictures to inspire us?

Yes. Ely (in East Anglia) did a whole Ely Winter Wanderland trail with a downloadable map and illuminated windows in October. Have a look at their website here.

Ely Winter Wanderland Website

And Ely Stained Glass Museum has a downloadable guide about how to do a tissue paper stained glass window. Click here.

Could we do a window in our church as well?

Yes! That’s a great idea.

Could we get our whole town involved?

Yes, of course.

You can create a whole town initiative for every one to get involved.

Here’re some ideas to get the word out…

  • Invite other churches to join in
  • Create an info letter to circulate
  • Add something to your website with info
  • Speak to your local schools
  • Ask local pubs to get involved
  • Put lots of information on social media
  • Speak to any community groups your town has
  • Ask shops on your high street
  • Create a map for people to download and do a light window trail

Posters to print for your windows

If you’d like a graphic to use for an A2 poster click here.

Otherwise click on the posters below for a graphic to print in A4.

If you can’t print at home or want to order posters you can use an online company like Instant Print or Vista Print

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