Reach out to a friend or neighbour who’s not in your church with these beautiful postcards.

Each week members of your church can take a card and send it to someone with a friendly greeting.

How does it work? EA District…

If you’re in the East Anglia District you can opt in for the postcards by contacting Yasmin Finch, District Mission Enabler. Email –

You’ll need to have your order in by DECEMBER 1st to allow time for printing and posting. But if you miss this deadline, please get in touch with Yasmin as we may still be able to accommodate you.

You will get a selection of four designs (2 lighthouse theme & 2 flowers theme) from the ones below.

If you’d like to choose and print your own you could also do that (see info below).

How does it work? Other Districts…

Have a look at the designs below and choose your favourites to download and print out. There are different options for each side.

How do I download a printable version?

  • Click on the postcard image you want to download.
  • That will take you to a printable PDF.
  • Download the PFD onto your computer.
  • Upload the PDF to the printing website you want to use.
  • Make sure you check your proofs when you order.

Where can I order them from?

Websites like Instant Print or Vista Print offer low cost printing services.

These designs are A6 size with a 3mm bleed suitable for A6 flyer printing. You can select paper weight and quality options to suit.

What do you write on them?

Up to you.

Anything from a simple message saying you’re thinking of them and hope they’re okay to a more personal message saying you’re praying for them.

Don’t want to do it every week?

That’s fine, January Light is all about tailoring the ideas to suit your church, do what suits you.

Want to use your own cards?

Sure! Go ahead.

Postcard Designs – Lighthouse Theme

Postcard Designs – Flowers Design

Postcard Designs – Lighthouse reverse

Postcard Designs – Flowers reverse

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