Six for Sixty!

Online or socially distanced meet-ups

It’s always better together.

Up to six people meeting up online or socially distanced (check the guidelines in your area).

How often?

Once a week through January or just a one-off January gathering.

You choose.


The whole idea of January Light is to reach out to those outside our community, so make sure your group is a mix of church members and those who’d never think of coming to your church.

How do we invite people?

It can be shared something like…

‘Our church is doing a challenge in January, to take the initiative and be the ones to organize and gather some people we know to have tea and cake each week. Just to be together and get to know each other more.’

What do we do?

It’s a coffee, cake and chat affair.

We’re keeping it simple to organize and do.

Just use it as a time to see how everyone is. How was Christmas? How’s January for you all? How’s your week been?

What if we want something to do?

Go for it!

There are lots of ideas or perhaps you’ve got your own…

  • Story sharing about 2020. Use it as a time to reflect about the dramatic year we’ve all lived through.
  • Do a quiz! There are lots online.
  • New Year’s Resolutions – what’s yours and how’s it going?
  • Hopes & Dreams for 2021 – what are you looking forward to?
  • Big life questions – pick a theme each week and discuss it.
  • New friends group – use it as a way to help people make new friends in your town.
  • New hobby group – finally want to learn to paint with watercolour? Learn piano? Start cycling?
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