Social Media Resources

Social Media Videos and Images for you to use in January

All these images and videos are free for you to use however you want (social media, church zoom service, newsletter etc.). You can pick and mix the ones that you like and feel are suitable for your Church.

January Light Videos

Click here for the mini January Light videos designed for your Church’s Facebook feed.

These are 30 second clips with different themes of wellbeing and spirituality.

Each one asks a question at the end and invites people to leave comments. There are enough for one to be posted every other day in January.

Remember to monitor and answer comments.

January Light Still Images

Click here for the bank of January Light still images and graphics for you to use across your social media platforms in January. They’re sized for Facebook or Instagram. Pick the ones you like! Some are inspirational, some promote engagement.

General Inspirational Images

Click here for whole variety of inspirational images and quotes to lift your church’s social media presence.

Click for general feel-good images & quotes
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